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Splash Links


What are they? Splash Links are a powerful sales and marketing engagement tool that allows you to add your own branded message around any link (whether owned by you or not). Where links simply point a visitor to a destination, the Splash Link inserts your message along the way.


How are they different? Unlike landing pages that are full of outbound links that pull your visitor out of the conversion process, the Splash Link has only one Call To Action, so your visitor is always moving forward to your link, but only after engaging with your branded message, instructions, or disclaimer.

Are they easy to use? Splash Links require no installation, no coding, no hosting, or any other "techy stuff." Just copy and paste your destination link, add your message and click save. We'll give you a link to share and when your visitors tap this, they see your message before visiting your link!

let's explore...


  • Looks beautiful on desktops and phones

  • Add your message (up to 20,000 characters)

  • Add an optional header and sub header

  • Add an optional photo or logo

  • Other formatting options available

  • Edit your links 24/7 (even after sharing them)

  • Your subscription allows up to 20 editable links

  • Be up and running in minutes

a couple of uses...

So we've seen some really exciting uses of the Splash Link and have shared some of these below, but we'd love to see how you use your Splash Link to connect with your visitors! Be sure to reach out and share your links! =)



  • Add a quick welcome message to any call link (even if you're not the admin)

  • Add call access info to the link itself for easy onboarding of participants

  • Add pre-call instructions (mute mic, turn your camera on or background off, etc.)

  • Personalize a single call link with unique,  user-specific agendas or areas of focus



  • Add a personalized message or invite to any property listing link

  • Add lockbox access codes or visiting instructions to any listing

  • Add a friendly offer to help before any shared online document / resource

  • Add extra notes to a 3rd party property listing (no admin access required)



  • Add a welcome message targeting specific affiliate referral customers

  • Add special shipping or payment info wherever markets don't offer the space

  • Add a personal customer support invite to discourage marketplace returns



  • Add a personalized thank you to the casting team before viewing your reel

  • Add notes for the casting team on decisions you made in your audition

  • Add editable scheduling or block-out dates ahead of your profile page

  • Share notes about casting posts with industry peers, agents, or friends



  • Stand out by adding aa personalized message to each resume you send

  • Add a recommendation from a mutual friend or peer (complete with photo)

  • Proactively add a follow-up request for a call after reviewing your resume



  • Add a disclaimer in front of any link, file, or document (before access is given)

  • Add a TOS (Terms of Service) or EULA to any hosted download / file

  • Add notes or items to look for ahead of any video or audio file

  • Add specific task for teams accessing a website, document, or other listing



  • Add a personal message ahead of Spotify, Soundcloud, or other music links

  • Ask visitors do something specific before or after listening to your music

  • Send personalized messages in music links to friends and industry pros



  • Add a personal discount code and thank you message ahead of item listings

  • Invite your closed-market customers to connect with you directly

Have a fun, interesting, or outright genius use of Splash Links in your business? We'd love to see it! Reach out to us here with your Splash Link and we might just highlight your link to the global community! =)

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