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Sales Lead Router


What are they? Lead distribution is the silent killer of a sales team's morale and efficiency. If leads aren't given out fairly, some on the team become over-burdened while others are under-served. The imbalance can cause undue tension and slowly unravel trust, cooperation, and team effectiveness.


How do you use them? Enter the Sales Lead Router – this easy-to-use solution produces one link that everyone on the team can share for any given resource. Every time a lead clicks on this link, they are routed to a different team member's page, ensuring that leads are distributed evenly.


Are they easy to use? Absolutely! Just enter your team members' landing page links, and we’ll create one shared link everyone uses. Every click, tap, or scan from there on is evenly and fairly rotated among your team. No more oversight. Just fairness, simplicity... and more time spent on closing deals. =)

let's explore...


  • Provides a single link or QR Code

  • Automatically, evenly, and fairly distributes leads

  • Round Robin style (A > B > C > A > B > C) routing

  • Seamlessly routes your visitor without prompts

  • Great for any sales team or real estate office

  • Edit your links 24/7 (even after sharing them)

  • Your subscription allows up to 20 editable links

  • Be up and running in minutes

Have a different, interesting, or outright genius use of the Sales Lead Router Link in your business? We'd love to see it! Reach out to us here with your Sales Lead Router link and we might just highlight your link to the global community! =)

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