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App Store Links


What are they? App Store Links are a "lead conversion optimizer tool". Wait, huh? Put simply, they make it easier and faster for customers to download the right version of an app by eliminating multiple steps a visitor has to go through to find the one that's right for them... and this means more sales.


How do you use them? Built for app developers, businesses with an app in two or more app stores, or anyone promoting apps, the App Store Link provides a single link or QR Code. When your visitor clicks, taps, or scans your link, they're automatically routed to the right app listing for their device OS. 


Are they easy to use? Super-easy. All you need to do is copy and paste your app store links into the App Store Link easy editor, select the Operating System that each store serves and we'll give you a new link you can share with your leads, eliminated steps and improving download numbers.

let's explore...


  • Provides a single link or QR Code

  • Works with iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux

  • Seamlessly routes your visitor without prompts

  • Removes barriers to downloads

  • Set a catch-all URL as a back-up

  • Edit your links 24/7 (even after sharing them)

  • Your subscription allows up to 20 editable links

  • Be up and running in minutes

Have a different, interesting, or outright genius use of the App Store Link in your business? We'd love to see it! Reach out to us here with your App Store Link and we might just highlight your link to the global community! =)

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