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It's this simple

As a small business owner, you sometimes just need a quick, easy, and inexpensive sales or marketing solution. No big platforms... no big commitments... just a simple tool for any given task. We've got you covered! =)


what do our products do?

Links... links are everywhere, but they haven't really changed all that much. So our products improve the links you share... making online websites, documents, multimedia files, market listings, and so on... better. =)

how do they help your business?

Our products make links more effective in different ways, depending on the type of link you're sharing, who you're sharing them with, and what sort of actions you would like to happen before or during the engagement.

Splash Links

Add your photo (or logo) and a short message ahead of any link with our Splash Link. Add a welcome message or call instructions ahead of conference call links, custom branding around real estate listings, disclaimers before online documents... the sky's the limit!


App Store Links

Create a single link (or QR Code) using our App Store Link and have your visitors automatically pointed to the correct app store listing based on their device's Operating System, eliminating layers of prompts that your leads have to jump through to get your app!


Sales Lead Router

Add an automatic lead router to any landing page, sales document, or other team-shared sales or marketing resource using our Sales Lead Router. Remove yourself from the hassle and have your visitors evenly and fairly distributed among your team in Round Robin fashion!

the bottom line?

Our link-enhancing tools highlight your business brand and message while improving your visitor's experience, helping you capture important visitor info and maximize your small business sales and marketing outreach.

try us on for size

We get small businesses, the sole proprietors out there working day and night to reach your customers and grow your business. So we've created powerful solutions to everyday problems... at doable prices.

Splash Links

$12 per month

Add a message ahead of any link

Great for branding property listings

Great for Zoom call instructions

Great for disclaimers or resumes

Visitor sees info then goes to link

20 customizable Splash Links

Up in running in minutes

App Store Links

$12 per month

OS-Based routing link

Great for app download links

Great for demographic splits

1 link forwards to several links

Visitor's OS determines routing

20 customizable App Store Links

Up and running in minutes

Sales Lead Router

$12 per month

Round Robin routing link

Great for sales lead routing

Great for A/B  Split Testing

1 link distributes to several links

Sequentially and fairly routed

20 customizable Sales Lead Routers

Up and running in minutes

got questions? no problem!  =)

  • How Does It Work?
    It’s simple! Depending on the type of sales or marketing campaign tool you need at the moment, you simply add your destination links (web URLs), then we provide you with a sharable link (a web URL). You then share this and when your market clicks, taps, or scans the QR Code for it, they’ll be immediately routed to one of your destination links (web URLs) depending upon the criteria set. Try it out yourself – it’s easy and fun! =)
  • What Type Of Link Can I Use?
    In a nutshell, any link (web URL) that works when you click / tap on it. While more complex URLs might include special characters that might limit how they can be shared or used, most URLs are accepted.
  • Can I Edit The Links After I Save Them?
    Absolutely! That’s one of the hidden super powers of FWRDcc… the ability to edit how your link “campaign” handles visitors (even on the fly). Simply log into your FWRDcc account, select your campaign and product, make your changes, and hit save! Easy peasy.
  • Can I Stack The Links?
    Yes and no. Our team is still learning how a multi-stack arrangement of FWRDcc links can be used in the field, but we’ve come up with some fun (and powerful) linking arrangements that demonstrate how game-changing FWRDcc links can be! For now, we’ve got that feature locked down, but we’re looking into it! =)
  • How Fast Is The Link Routing?
    Fast! We aim for near-zero latency, but of course there are always inherent delays with any hosting, queuing, processing, routing, etc. It is suggested that you try your links before committing to public sharing of them.
  • What Do You Mean By Platform-Agnostic?
    Enterprise tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Infusionsoft (Keap), and so on are indeed powerful. But for most business owners, sales leaders, and brand marketing teams… they’re simply overkill or too costly and complex to manage efficiently. So, we’ve created an expanding catalog of micro business tools designed to solve very specific and everyday problems. These tools can then be rented when needed and for as long as needed without any costly annual or even monthly commitments. Our solutions are code-free and designed to work with or without a CRM or marketing automation platform. Simply add your URL (web link) and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy do! =)
  • What Is The Billing Cycle?
    We are sales and marketing folks ourselves and understand that most outreach occurs in monthly sprints, so it makes more sense being billed at a monthly level where you can control how long you want the tool deployed.
  • What If I No Longer Need The Solution?
    Finished with your campaign? Congrats! We’ve defaulted our solution to automatically bill at the end of your billing cycle so that no campaign inadvertently stops (that is a bad thing)! So, like any subscription, your links will remain in place for as long as your billing info is up to date and processing. To remove a link, or cancel the link’s next billing cycle, simply log into your FWRDcc account and under billing, you’ll see your active link routing subscriptions! =)
  • What Is The Overall State Of The Solution?
    We’re currently in an open beta of the FWRDcc solution and the future micro business tools marketplace. This means that there are still some rough edges to smooth out, but we’ve been moving fast and steady to close in on these and make your experience as quick and easy as possible. Hey… who said solving problems has to be difficult? =)
  • Is FWRDcc Working On Other Linking Solutions?
    Yes! =) We’ve been working day and night on a catalog of fun and useful business utilities. Stay tuned for more info as we continue to roll out!
  • How Do I Get A Hold Of The Team?
    Have a question about your account or a product or privacy policies? Maybe an idea for something you’d like to see. We’d love to hear from you! Help us become better by contacting us at today.

still curious?

Our products are easy to use and powerful when put in action, but if you're still curious and want to learn more before you jump in to try them out, a good place to explore is our products page found here! =)

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